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Los Angeles Hotels – The Custom Hotel near Los Angeles Airport.

The Custom Hotel Los Angeles is definitely one of the best hotels in Los Angeles if you are looking for a convenient hotel near LAX. The hotel comes equipped with a pool and restaurant, as well as trendy bar that overlooks the pool area. You can also laze around in private bungalows around the pool area as well.

Near the Custom Hotel you will also find a big Ralph’s supermarket to get room snacks from, as well as a KFC and Taco Bell nearby if you prefer fast food. There are also a multitude of different restaurants nearby if you would like to eat out during your stay. The Custom Hotel holds a particularly special place in my memory as that is where I stayed when I was stranded during the Icelandic volcanic eruption in April 2010. I was a guest of LA Inc as I was out in LA doing my Travel Academy course at UCLA. We were one of the first flights to Europe to be cancelled, and ended up having to spend an extra six nights at the Custom Hotel. As it was so close to LAX we could be on standby to get to the plane very quickly when the skies over Europe were given the all clear.

The staff were extremely friendly and understanding about the situation of all of their guests, as most of them were stranded. Many of the 250 rooms at the Custom Hotel offer sea views or of Hollywood, and is a great place to base yourself if you are in town for a short while, or even if you are there for longer as there is a public bus right outside that will take you to Santa Monica and beyond. For more information on Los Angeles hotels, holidays, attractions and general tourist information, as well as being able to book the Custom Hotel.

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